Twitter Tactics for Active Marketing

twitter marketing

As compared to another social media platforms twitter plays a Big role in marketing. Twitter is actually a great tool for marketing your business and engaging your audience. If there is an active account in twitter with pretty followers, interactions, retweets and appropriate hashing can get account a great reach to audience.

Twitter Posting

  1. Add your Tweet (up to 280 characters)or Post into the compose box at the top of your Home timeline, or click the Tweet button in the navigation bar.
  2. You can include up to 4 photos, a GIF, or a video in your Tweet. It can make your tweet more attractive and get more engagements.
  3. Add hash tags and labels for your post for better reach to audience.
  4. Tag people or places.
  5. Click on the Tweet button.
twitter posting

Engaging on Twitter

Twitter is the most lead generating social media channel. Which can create a great social authority score for your accounts and post.

  • Connect people with same motive as yours
  • Make sure your content stands out
  • Use under 140 characters
  • Ask for a retweet
  • Be open to new connections, follow people back.
  •  Tweeting consistently
  • Use trending Hashtags

Twitter Analysing Tool

There is Twitter Analytics to analyse your account – It gives you a 28 days summary of your profile.

Followerwonk is an twitter analysing tool were you can know more about your account.

twitter analytics tool
  • Shows your social authority score
  • Includes data on your tweet count, impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers.
  • You can see the best performing ones.
  • This includes demographics, consumer behavior and lifestyle information.
  • You can compare your profile against your competitors and count gained/lost followers

Adding Lists in Twitter

Twitter list is simply a curated group of Twitter users that allows you to efficiently organize your users in various groups and to better manage your tweets. You can subscribe to a list created by another user, or, preferably, you can create your own.

creating list for twitter
  • Lists are Good for Organization
  • Adding Someone to a List Can Be Public
  • Lists Can Be Used for Mutual Follows
  • Lists are Great for Monitoring Competitors

How to create a Moment

By Twitter Moments you create and curate longer-form content to tell interesting stories. Moments let you tell a story that goes beyond one Tweet and highlights different perspectives.

twitter moments
Steps to Add Twitter Moments
  1. Navigate to the Moments tab.
  2. Add a title.
  3. Add a description.
  4. Choose tweets to add to the Moment.
  5. Set a cover image.
  6. Click the Publish button when complete.

What is AMP? How AMP is Beneficial for Mobile Sites? – SEO Kochi

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what is amp

For many, reading on mobile web is slow and frustrating experience. The AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) project is an open source initiative it creates the vision that publishers can optimize their content on mobile sites and have it load instantly anywhere.

Source: What is AMP? How AMP is Beneficial for Mobile Sites? – SEO Kochi

AMP features or Rules

AMP features

  1. Allow only asynchronous scripts
  2. Size all resources statically
  3. Don’t let extension mechanism block rendering
  4. All CSS must be inline and max size 50kb
  5. Prioritize resource loading
  6. No scrolling elements supported
  7. Responsive design

Html Tags that Supported and Prohibited on AMP

Allowed Prohibited
Script- Prohibited unless the type is application/ld+json, application/json, or text/plain. <noscript> Base
Image- Replaced with amp-img Frame
Form Frameset
Audio -amp-audio Param
Video- amp-video Applet
Input Elements Embed
Style- <style amp-custom> preconnect, prerender and

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What is Structured Data for SEO? How it is Beneficial for doing SEO?

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Source: What is Structured Data for SEO? How it is Beneficial for doing SEO?

A Structure data is well organised and easily understandable by machines. It contains clearly defined data types whose pattern makes easily searchable; while unstructured data is usually not as easily searchable.

Structured data v/s unstructured data

Structured Data in SEO

A structured data is presenting of an topic or information in an organized format. The main purpose of structured data in SEO is to increase the user-friendly web pages. Where understanding format of information can stuck on users eyes.

Structured data in seo

Unstructured Data in SEO

Unstructured data is essentially, and quite intuitively, the opposite of structured data. Unstructured information is typically heavy, but may contain data such as dates, numbers, and facts as well. This results has irregularities and ambiguities that make it difficult to understand using traditional programs as compared to data stored in fielded form in databases or in documents.

unstructured data

Benefits of Structured Data

  • Attractive…

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Page Speed Optimization: Impacts in Your Website SEO Performance

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Source: Page Speed Optimization Impacts in Your Website SEO Performance

Page Speed is one of the essential role players in any SEO campaign. Google began to stop ranking the pages which takes lots of time to load it contents. A good website should also have good traffic flow and responsive speed that includes load up times and user interfaces. If your website is too slow to load, users may be put-off and would just exit from your site.

SEO on Page speed

Google Page Speed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is the best resource that available to check your page speed. PageSpeed Insights (PSI) reports on the performance of a page on both mobile and desktop devices, and provides suggestions on how that page may be improved.

Analysis of page speed

Different Ways to Improve Page Speed:

  1. Preconnect, prefetch, preload
  2. Compress images
  3. Minify resources
  4. Reduce HTTP calls
  5. Enable Browser caching
  6. Find a Budget Webhosting

To know more about the different…

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Content Management System (CMS) and WordPress Platform


CMS is used for easy maintenance of websites. In case of pages, which doesn’t use CMS, changes need for each pages. We need to write lot of codes but in CMS, we can add permanent changes for whole document. It is a user-friendly platform.

Content management system

Famous CMS using platforms:

Important uses of CMS

  • It can add permanent changes for whole document.
  • Can easily add design, themes and layouts.
  • Xml site map maintaining plugins are available.
  • It is simple and takes only less time for adding changes.
  • To install share button.


It is the most widely used platform in CMS. It is open source CMS for blogging and user friendly. Compared to other platforms it is more flexible that’s why most people use this.


Advantages of WordPress:

  • Doesn’t need to know the code.
  • SEO plugins available.
  • We can save files in .xml format.
  • Different templates are available.
  • Speedy upload of contents.
  • It has better customization options.

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Important Facts for Optimization of Yoast Plugin into Green Color

Why Yoast Plugin is used?

It is a wordpress plugin and easy to understand. Yoast is a powerful tool than can help you make your site as search engine friendly as possible. It can make easy for your site to meet the highest technical SEO standards.

yoast pluggin for wordpress

Yoast plugin color indicators:

Green color: It indicates that page is well optimized.

Yellow color: Medium Optimized.

Orange color: Not OK! need changes.

Black color: No focusing keyword is added.

Blue color: Page indexing is not added.

Red color: Need more improvement page is not optimized.

Points to remember for optimizing Yoast Plugin to green color

  1. Keyphrase in Slug: Make sure that your focusing keyword is appeared on URL.
  2. SEO title width: Try to limit title characters up to 55-60. A title with an optimal width gets you a green bullet in the analysis.
  3. Text Width: Post content with more than 300 words is good in result. Minimum number of words per type of page to get a green bullet in Yoast Plugin.
  4. Image Alt attribute: Add all images with an alternative names. Also try to add more than 4 images to get green color.
  5. Keyphrase in Subheading: Focus to add subheading with keyword.
  6. Previously used Keyphrase: Don’t use previously used keywords on same website.
  7. Meta Description length: Limit meta description length to 155-160 characters. Description with optimal length can get green color.
  8. Keyphrase in Meta Description: Add focusing keyword in meta description.
  9. Keyphrase Density: It is the % of the no. of keywords to the total no. of words.Make sure you use your focus Keyphrase enough throughout the whole text.
  10. Keyphrase Length: Try to increase the length of focusing keyword don’t limit it into a small instance.
  11. Keyphrase in Introduction: Add focusing keyword in introduction part to make sure that the topic is clear immediately.
  12. Internal Links: Add links to your own site.
  13. Outbound Links: Add links to another websites.
  14. Keyphrase in Title: Focus keyword/exact match of keyword should appear on the beginning of SEO title.
yoast optimization to green color.

Comparison Between Webmaster Tools and Analytics Tools

The main difference between analytics and webamaster is that analytics tools refers to websites with google interaction and webmaster tools reports search engine interaction with user.

comparison of google analytics and google webmaster tools.

Webmaster Tools

webmaster tools
  • Its a free source.
  • Verify your sites.
  • Google communicate with website admins.
  • Any issues in website noticed.
  • Are there broken links or errors.
  • Site configured correctly or not.
  • It is like a diagnostics tool.

To know more about webmaster tools visit my blog Search Console Website Verification Tool.

Analytics tool

analytics tools
  • Its a free source.
  • Refers your traffic sources.
  • Google communicate with website admins.
  • How many visits in your sites are noticed.
  • How people are accessing your site?
  • Which content has more priority.
  • It is like a analytics tools.

To know more about analytics visit my blog how-to-use-google-analytics-and-understanding-traffic-sources.

Bing Verification Using Webmaster tools

You can verify your site by using Bing webmaster tools by using following methods:

Step 1: First you have to take Bing webmasters tools website on then sign in to it by using google account.

bing webmaster tools

Step 2: Add your website URL on the box ‘add a site’.

adding url to bing

Step 3 : Add same URL address on ‘add sitemap’, and add ‘/sitemap.xml’ with that. Then save changes.

adding sitemap to bing

Step 4: In next step you have to verify your site. Choose second option ‘copy and paste <meta> tag on your default webpage’. Copy code that shown there.

verification by copying mata tag

Step 5: Paste this code on html code of theme in your blog. Then click verify button on bing webmasters tools 2 option of verify.

theme html code modify by adding meta tag

Step 6: After verification it will direct you to the dashboard there you have to select ‘Diagnostics and tools- fetch as bingbot’ option.

fetch as bingbot

Step 7: Paste your website address on ‘fetch as bingbot’ box. By clicking fetch option you can see your website is added in URL as completed.

after fetching url

Website adding to the bing platform is now completed.

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How to create a free blog?

What is a blog?

Blog is online journal where author can share their writings on their point of view. It is a short form of web-log. Writing on a platform like this can improve reach of audience easier. Blogging can bring the mind and thoughts of one person.

what is a blog

How to create blog in a

Step 1: First, you have to go to site on google.

Step 2: Add a suitable title, Address and display name to your blog. Then click the next button to continue.

naming on the blog

Step 3: Now your blogger is created and can add changes on your interest.

blog home page

Step 4: By clicking on this ‘ + ‘   button you can create a new blog.

new blog

You can add your writings there and publish

How to create blog on WordPress:

Step 1: First go to website on your google.

Step 2: where you had to click on get started. After that select your google account and continue.


Step 3: On the next window, you have to type the domain name for your blog. After that you have to select the free domain name on that else, you compel to pay your domain.

free domain on wordpress

Step 4: Click on button start with a free site.

start with free on wordpress

Step 5: Your wordpress blog is now created.

home page of word press

Step 5: By adding ‘/wp-admin’ to your URL can navigate you to admin page.

admin page of wordpress

Step 6: you can create new post by clicking on posts and add new.

new post on wordpress

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How to Use Google Analytics and Understanding Traffic Sources

What is Google Analytics?

It is a google web analytics service to know website visitors, website traffic and website sources. It’s a free resource for tracking our website users. It is one of the most popular digital software, which collects data from our websites automatically. In addition, it helps to understand how many people quit your website within seconds.

Google Analytics

Different types of traffic sources:

  1. Direct traffic
  2. Social media traffic
  3. Organic traffic
  4. Referral traffic
  5. Ads traffic
  1. Direct traffic

The visitors come by typing direct URL (web address) of your website. People can’t  find the web on their own. It can be from news/ articles of online/offline marketing. Sometimes google suggest the complete URL and it may results direct traffic.

direct traffic
  • Social Media Traffic

Viewers accessing the website link via social media. Social media can bring a large number of users to our website. Most of the people are spending lot of time in social media hence social media traffic is widely increasing.

social media traffic
  • Organic Traffic

People who knows your business type your domain name then navigate straight to your website. Organic traffic is free traffic obtained from the appearance of the site in the results of a search that users perform in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing etc.

organic traffic
  • Referral Traffic

When your website link is added on another website as reference, it navigates a visitor to your website. Visitors that come from the source outside the search engine constitute referral traffic.

refferal traffic
  • Ads Traffic

Visitors come by clicking on the ads of our website. When we open a website, we can see the ads of other websites clicking on that can navigate to the same.

Advertisement traffic

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Conversion Optimization on Google Analytics

What is conversion page?

page of your website that someone reaches after performing a valuable action, like purchase, register, enquiry etc.

conversion page
Use of Conversion Page in Analytics?

By adding a conversion page goal to google analytics we can understand how many people are interested and purchased from our site.

for example: If we want to know how many people visited our contact page.

  • First we have to add that URL of contact page on google analytics.
goal page on google analytics
  • Then add a new goal there with suitable caption.
  • Then paste your URL on goal details destination column.
goal page setup
  • Save changes